TraJam Beagles  

  The pretty face place! 

We have been fortunate enough to breed and co breed some lovely hounds.

Not all wear our kennel name, but we are proud of their accomplishments just the same!


 Champion Muckross Central Perk

BPIS Champion TraJam How D'Ya Like Me Now

BPIS Champion TraJam Coldwater Pipin Hot

Champion TraJam Kotcha Peekin

Champion TraJam Coldwater Peek A Boo

Champion TraJam Coldwater Thunder's Fury

Champion TraJam Coldwater Sneak Peek

MBIS Champion TG lil Ed

MBPIS Champion TG Ella Enchanted

Champion TraJam Who's Yur Daddy

Champion TraJam Almost Famous

Champion Bumper Crop TraJam Tres Jolie

Champion Branston Windkist Magnum Force

Champion Branston Windkist Masquerade

Champion TraJam Breaking Dawn

BPIS Champion Pun Kotzky Che Guevara

Champion TG Shillington So Bella

Champion TG I Can't Believe It's Not

Champion TraJam the Tourist

BPIS Champion TG Mi Vida Loca

Champion TraJam Something Borrowed

Champion Lanbur Bringin Sexy Back

Champion TraJam Ketra Talk Is Cheap

Am Champion TraJam Bazinga

Champion Telford's Just Because

Champion TraJam Ketra BCuz I'm Worth It

Am Champion TraJam Devana Spellbound

Ch TraJam Ketra Against All Odds

Ch TraJamKetra MayB She Born W It

Chinese Crested

Champion Taja Heaven Sent



 Champion TraJam Something Borrowed